• Actor. Director. Filmmaker.

    When you need a powerful character actor to support your lead.

    I have many years experience on screen and off.

    From Feature Films to Theatre and Opera.

  • My Work. Character.

    I am very friendly and easy to work with.

    I'll put my hand to anything.

    Except maybe high jump. I'm no good at high jumping.

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    If you have any questions or booking enquires please get in touch.

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Chris Rogers

Give me the quirky ones 

Two decades of playing unusual, sometimes eccentric, sometimes mysterious, but always interesting characters.
One day I was in a London pub with a few friends watching a match. It took them an hour and a half before they realised I had been in two different commercials during every ad break. I live for moments like that.

Character actors are the spice to your meal. We serve the story, and rarely get the accolades of the main event.

We are the villains to your heroes, the baffling next door neighbours, the odd ones that make you laugh.
My background in music as a singer will often see me sing and dance,
but good Casting Directors know to see the intelligent villain too.

Over the years I've worked on stage and off, in front and behind the camera, as a Company Manager on the world's largest floating Opera stage and recently I've started making my own films.

I enjoy food, friends and telling stories. I've got a few good ones, you should hear them...


Acting Reel

Commercial Reel


Here's a few shots of me.

All photos are courtesy of Nicholas Dawkes and Rosalind Alcazar.


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